B. 1990 Jacqueline Farrara in Troy, Ohio. She was raised and educated in the Greater New York Metropolitan area. Her family is practicing artists in mediums of sculpture, painting, textile, folk art, ceramics, and printmaking.

“A conceptual performance artist documenting her own designed urban and natural vignettes through photography.”

She began her education in art and fashion in New York City in 2006. Jacqueline attended classes at The Fashion Institute, The International Center of Photography, Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, and the Art Institute of New York; graduating 2012 with a degree in Marketing and Visual Merchandising. Along with her formal education she received personalized training from her family, especially her Ukrainian grandmother, Aka Pereyma, on the importance of visual art and story telling.

In 2013 her ‘Paper’ installations took her on world travels to the major European capitals, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Canada where her video works took place. Her overseas connections in Italy and France give her seasonal studio space to create with other artists.

Currently with personal studio space in Greenport, New York and Casstown, Ohio the artist creates finished works, and continues installations and live party performances in NYC. Her finished work consists of videos, photographs, collages, conceptual sculptures, installations, and performances.

She has been working in NYC and surrounding areas since 2009 with creatives, designers, hotel groups, artists, collectives, event groups and schools; Byronesque Vintage, Omen PR Agency, Drape Kings, Carlos Campos, PA-RT, The Ross School, Con Artist Collective, and The Gallery Hotel; her artistic acumen and these consultations have informed her work as a visual artist.

Current works are exhibited with the The Gallery Hotel, in Greenport NY, the Hobart Collection, in Troy OH, and she has shown with Con Artist Collective on the Lower East Side NY and Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton OH.