"Anger Made in U.S.A" found plastic flag 2012 11in x 17in


"Antartica Help" Antartica Atlas Map 2012 11in x 17in


"Sreaming" Porto Rico Map 2016 43in x 19in


"Errors" The Persian Gulf Map 2014 50in x 50in


"Find a Safe Place" The Pacific Ocean Map, 2014 50in x 72in


"I'd be Lying" Philippines Map, 2014 48in x 72in


"Couldn't get enough" South American Map, 2014 19inx25in


"Nudity" Found encyclopedia image, 2013 8.5inx11in


"Obscurity" Found Atlas Index Page, 2012 11inx17in


"Midnight" Found Map, 2016 50inx80in